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Boccia (pronounced 'Bot-cha') is a sport for all and can be played by people with disabilities or by able-bodied people. It is a non-contact sport which relies more on a player’s technical skill, subtlety and match winning tactics, than their speed or strength. It is similar in principal to boules with the main aim to get as many of your balls closer to ‘the jack’ than your opponent's closest ball. You score a point for each ball you have closer when all balls have been thrown.

Boccia is a mixed event with male and female participants playing alongside each other as an individual (one player), Pair (two a side), or Team (three a side). ASAD members usually play team matches.

More than one hundred nations have National Boccia Programmes and Great Britain is one of the world leaders (with two medals in the London Paralympics) along with many other national teams.

Boccia is a very popular sport here at ASAD and we have won several medals at regional sports days.