Main Sports

New Age Kurling

If you are interested in taking part or helping out please contact us.


Outdoor Bowling

ASAD meet at Arundel Bowling Club to play outdoors on alternative Wednesday mornings between 10am and 12 midday during the summer months (weather permitting). This is a special morning for us all.
As numbers are restricted for this activity places need to be booked with our organiser Kate Allen in advance.

Indoor Bowling

Arun District Indoor Bowling Club, Nyewood Lane, Bognor Regis allocate ASAD two greens for their use from 6pm to 8pm every Friday evening. We currently have two specialised wheelchairs for use on the greens, suitable help for our sighted disabled and a bowling “arm”.

All our members are welcome to participate on a Friday evening. Turn up and see how you make out!

Short Mat Bowls

Short mat bowling was brought to England from Ireland in 1967 by George Dix because he saw the potential of it as an activity for sports and social clubs. From these humble beginnings the English Short Mat Bowling Association (ESMBA) was formed in 1984 and the game is now played throughout the country and is one of the most popular sports with Clubs in most towns and villages.

One of the biggest benefits of short mat bowling is its flexibility. The equipment is portable and only needs an area large enough to take a mat 6 foot wide and 45 foot long. It is played in village halls, community centres, social clubs and leisure centres. The game is played by all ages, sexes and abilities who can all compete together. The sport appeals to people of all ages, is very therapeutic and develops players' skills.

ASAD play short mat bowls at the Arena every Sunday afternoon with a tournament held every year.